What Is The Best Shapewear For Tummy Control?

The use of tummy control shapewears for getting an hour-glass figure goes way back to the 50s and is now gaining back its popularity across the globe.The frenzy of looking slim and beautiful has gripped today’s women, of all ages. Be it a social engagement or an office event, women are happily going for tummy shapers and cinching corsets to get an hourglass figure. Not just the women, even the men are seeking the support of torso slimmers!

Women Tummy Shaper


Experience a slimmer look and forget about your bulges!

Everyone wishes to look slim.And to hide that extra bulge in lower abdomen one cantry out shaping underwear. This brief-cum-tummytucker style of compression wear canreally enhance the appearance of yourlower body and make it look ‘hourglass perfect’.

Dermawear is a leading shapewear brand that offers many products focusing on tummy contouring, especially designed for Indian women & men. Our tummy-shaping range can give a great ‘control’ of your extra tummy bulge without making you feel uncomfortable.

Mini Corest - tummy shaper for women
Let’s talk about the different types of tummy control shapers:

High-waisted briefs are a fab shapewear for tummy controlthat moves with your body comfortably. They are very easy-to-wear, breathable, and durable, and can be worn under any kind of outfit with confidence!This kind of tummy solution shapewearmanages the hips-to-abdomen sizeratiosuperbly and smoothens the appearance of bulges or love-handles. Dermawear’s has a great selection of lower stomach shapewear products like Mini Corset, V Shaper (for Men), and Musque.

tummy reducer for men

Full tummy shapewear targets your entire abdomen and side areas, making you look slimmer or lean. Made of comfortable-yet-compressivefabric, Dermawear’s tummy control shapers like Tummy Tight (for Men), Tummy Reducer and Cetteare abdomen shapers that can give a smooth silhouette to your torso and make you look fit in any attire.

If you are looking for the best and unique shapewear for tummy control, then Dermawear products can surely give you excellent visible results! Browse our extensive range of Tummy solution shape wear for Men & Women, expertly crafted to fetch an attractive feminine look or a toned masculine appearance.
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