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Festive occasions are all about family, food, and having a memorable time with our loved ones. They also presentgreat opportunities for women to dressup in the most alluring of garments and enjoy the stream of praises coming their way!

But, for most of us, this means worrying about our figures and trying to fit-into lehengas. Getting the photos angles right is another stress-point as we all want to look not less than curvaceous celebrities! That’s why festival season oftenbrings alonga phase of strict diet routinesand rigorous work-out sessions.

Have you been doing the same as well? Then, you MUST know that there is a much easier way to get rid of your muffin top and unwanted bulges – Women’s Shapewear & Men’s Shapewear!

Women Traditional Outfit

Over the years, shapewear has found its steady place in the wardrobe for most women. If you are planning to try them out for an upcoming festival, here are some of the things you must keep in mind before buying your next shapewear:

1. Mobility - You will be needed to move around a lot during festive occasions. It may include a little (or even a lot) of dancing! Now, you do want to be a part of that fun, don't you? So, it’s best that you ensure that your shapewear is not too rigid andprovides you with a good amount of mobility and comfort.

Dermawear’s products are movement friendly garments and possibly the best shapewear around! Browse our Abdomen-Hips-Thighs collection.

Hips and Waist Women Shaper

2. Coverage - Let’s not forget the selfies or group snapsthat capture and create life-long memories. Photo sessions are an inevitable part of anycelebration. And donning the right shapewear underneath your attire can contribute a lot to how glamourous (& fit) you look in photos! Every shapewear design caters to different body-part, toning needs and attire requisites. Like, Tummy Shapewear or Full Body Shapewear can be worn beneath a Ball Room gown or a Christmas Massdress (where your abdomen area would be fully covered). Meanwhile ,SS Low Waist can be worn for lehengas and sarees (where your waist would be fully visible).

SS Low Waist Shaper

There are other factors covered in our blog: How to choose the right shapewear

3. Compression – Dermawear products are intelligently crafted for ‘optimum’ compression-levels to streamline and enhance your contours. Every one of our shapewear is made with the purpose of toning a specific body-part (or parts) and is designed to give varied control levels (Standard, 2C or 3C) at different places. 

Rightsize Shapewear

The compression of our festive shapewear collection is neither too much to make you uncomfortable nor too less to let your ‘tires’ out. You can select Dermawear Shapewear products based on the occasion, your dress choice, and contouring needs. Learn how to select the right size of shapewear for supreme comfort & mobility.

We know what you are thinking now. Isn’t there any perfect shapewear that does all of the above?

The good news for you is that yes, Dermawear Shapewear offers the best shapewear range in the country: From tummy shapewear&full body shapewear to Plus Sized shapewear & shapewear bodysuits, wehave somethingfor all of your shaping needs (and occasions). Even our Men’s Shapewear collection has products that can make your Man look fabulous in a sherwani or kurta!

USP of Dermawear Women's Shapewear

Our compression garmentsare made of fine import-quality fabric, that’s light, airy, and skin-friendly. This blended fabric (Cotton-Elastane-MicroPoly) is knitted in cutting-edge machines for a unique 4D-Stretch flexibility. You can also opt for our Premium Products that are thinner than the regular ones and have invisible seams. This specialityrange of ‘invisible’ shapewear can perfectly highlight your curves and make you look effortlessly beautiful.

But, wait. That’s not it! Dermawear Shapewear is the only Indian brand that offers customizable shapewear.

We understand that every Woman has a unique body with different measurements. And that sometimes customizations are necessary! That is why we offer customizable products for every figure. Simply visit our website, select a product, and click on the Customize option below the Size Option. Submit your requirements and measurements, and we'll getthe producttailor-made for you!

At Dermawear Shapewear, we want you to comfortably enjoy the festivals without having to worry about your appearance.


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