How To Use Shapewear To Target Specific Body Parts?

When you shop online or in stores, many confusing questions can pop up in your minds. Like:

“I don’t like wearing body suits but I want that hourglass look!”

“I just have the issue of love-handles, so whats the point wearing a full-body corset?”

Do not worry, today’s blog will help you choose the right shapewear that’ll work wonders for YOU and help you target your specific trouble areas!

Everybody is different in terms of flab and shape, based on genetics or/and lifestyle. While some may have a nice narrow waist but heavy thighs, someone else may have big hips.

This is the reason there are so many options in the Dermawear Shapewear Collection. You can click & choose the right shapewear for your body frame from the Homepage, where you’ll find body-part targeted navigation to suit your toning needs!

Here are types of compression garments based on common trouble areas that they focus on:

Full body shaping: If your dress needs a full body flattering effect. You can opt for bodysuits. They are designed in a way that helps you tone all over. This offers a nice shaped look in those narrow and slim dresses. Midsection, hips and thighs all benefit from the shaping effect of a bodysuit.

Butt shaping: A loose and unsculpted bum mostly puts us off. You can use Hip Corsets to lift and sculpt the hips for the perfect round appearance.

They are high-waisted and help tone thigh areas as well! The various options available let you either work on the natural shape or use padding to enhance the effect.

These bottom-enhancing shapewear options also work on the waistline apart from providing a back lift. Dermawear’s Hip Corset Plus covers all areas from abdomen to thighs. This product is best suited for women having extra broad hips. Its side zipper feature makes the garment convenient to slip in to. This spreads-out compression effect and gives a smooth overall-silhouette under your dress!