High-Control Shapewear For Women

Whether it's in an office party or a family occasion, every woman likes to look good and be complimented. It gives an extra boost to one’s confidence and self-esteem. But, looking flawless with a perfectly contoured figure can be a tricky job. If you are blessed with a fine hourglass figure, then half of your problems are solved. But most Indian women have anuneven figure which, if toned properly, can look absolutely gorgeous.

In this blog we’ll tell you how wearing the right compression garment (or Women’s shapewear) can work miracles foryour curvaceous body. For example, the Slim & Trim high waist shapewear from Dermawear’s stable covers waist, hips and thigh areas and provides variable compression levels for every part. While having medium control (twice the standard compression) at hips and thighs gives good mobility to the wearer, the high control at the abdomen (thrice the standard compression) provides stiff pressure at mid-body. This helps to achieve beautiful hourglass silhouettes for women having ‘tree-trunk’ figures. So, now you can tone your unwanted bulges and mid-riff flab instantly, and rock the dress that’s been sitting in your wardrobe forever!

Selecting the right shapewear for dresses can be quite challenging. Firstly, you must choose a compression garment with the right material and the right type (as per your attire). Once you determine these factors, you move towards figuring out the control levels you would need – Low (Std C), Medium (2XC) or High (3XC).

So, if you think your wardrobe needs a max-control body shaper, you may want to check out the ones available @ the Dermawear’s store. We offer some of the best high waist shapewear for Women that provides 3X compression or High Control at waist and / or hips: