Can Body Shaper Help You Lose Weight?

Body shapewear or compression under garments have been worn for centuries. Lately, body shapers have become a wardrobe staple for not just celebrities but for everyone. They help you rock that hour glass look instantly and without discomfort. But, the question often asked is whether body shapewear help to lose weight? Many of our Customers also enquire about this aspect, especially while purchasing Dermawear body shapers in stores.

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So far, there have been many studies on this question, giving with variable answers. The good news is that Dermawear Shapewear garments can directly help you achieve inch loss and indirectly facilitate you to lose weight. Many of our products provide 3X Compression for your problem areas, and regularly wearing them could help you go down 1-3 sizes!

Here are the two ways our products can help your ‘slimming’ goals:

1.  Activewear Range - These stylish products are great for following active lifestyles and health routines like gymming, running, Pilates and more. They comprise of fitness gears like leggings, pants, kneecaps etc.

2.  Microcirculation enabled by fit and fabric - Our garments offer firm compression levels that support weak and/or bulgy abdominal muscles. The ribs & mesh of the fabric uses natural body movements to micro-massage the skin & fat cells. The friction of the body against the compression stimulates micro-circulation and drainage of excess fat from the body. Thereby, reducing measurements quickly!

If you wish to reduce your abdomen size, the most common problem area for women AND men, you should try our high compression tummy shapers for tummy control. There are other products in our repertoire that cater to contouring needs of the bust or hips regions as well.

But, one must view shapewear as body contouring products and a dependable method of looking slimmer, while you gym away your kilos! Even so, one must pick the right shapewear to see good results - that is choosing the right size, apt compression levels at problem areas (3XC / 2XC / XC), quality fabric, and expert tailoring.

Dermawear Shapewear

Is tightness the only measure of choosing a ‘slimming’ body shaper?

Many people believe that the tighter the body shapewear is, the faster it will help to lose weight and look ‘fit’. Well, this is untrue. The body will respond favourably to Shapers only if they are of the right size, with the correct level of compression and when made of suitable fabric. Talking about compression, Dermawear’s shaping garments come in three compression levels, expertly designed to achieve both results and comfort. The first one, being Standard Compression (SC), that gives good mobility, mild squeeze, and can be worn on a regular basis. They are incredibly comfortable for daily tasks. The second one is the medium compression (2XC) level which is slightly tighter than the first one. The last one is the high compression (3XC) level for extreme contouring and short wear. Combination of these compression levels is found across all  Dermawear’s body shapewear products. You must choose the ones that you feel the most comfortable in.

With shaping garments, getting an appearance of weight loss can be easily achieved! The right shapewear must help you achieve a smooth frame (with no bulge-shows) AND make you feel incredibly comfortable going about your schedule. Shapewear can help your body get a great posture, which in turn can fetch you a ‘slimmer’ silhouette. However, if you want to lose significant kilos, the best way to do that would be to keep up with your fitness routines and supplement the results with quality shapewear products.

Few great things about Dermawear Shapewear are:

●  That our size go beyond 3XL, something very few brands offer

●  We also take on Customizations for our Customers

●  You’ll always find your sizes are ‘In Stock’ in our e-store

That’s three awesome reasons to start shopping right away. So, why wait? Try our products and find out how can make you feel beautiful and confident. Browse our products.

Happy Shopping!



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