Medium Control Shapewear for Women

If you have yet to try out the wonder that is shapewear, do try out right away! You are sure to be amazed and impressed by these wonder garments. Women’s shapewear is engineered using sophisticated techniques to temporarily smoothen out areas of the body and compressing the ‘fat’ along the way. It is kind of like ‘instant photoshop’ for your living, breathing, moving, three-dimensional shape. It works so well that most celebrities have openly admitted to wearing these on red carpets and other events.

Today, women’s shapewear has gotten so much of popularity that it now comes in an endless array of styles, compression levels, sizes, and fabric. Hence, while shopping for shapewear, you must get the right one that will correctly and effortlessly contour your curves.

These savior garments can be worn to hide your baby fat or chubbiness, but you must select them basis a few important aspects like the type of the dress you're planning to wear, the duration for which you'll be wearing it, how often you'll be needed to move around in it, and so on.

Let's say you are going somewhere out for long hours, you need to be comfortable as well as move around freely while having a perfectly contoured figure. This shapewear comes with the significant comfort level and can be worn everyday to office underneath shirts/T-shirts/Kurtas/trousers. They can be your perfect party accessory (or a secret garment) where you need to wear fitted dresses and sarees.

Women's medium control shapewear can surely make you look 1-2 sizes slimmer. And if you are thinking of trying one out, the body shapewear range from Dermawear Shapewear can be an excellent pick for your wardrobe!

Dermawear Shapewear celebrates the curvaceous of all Indian women and offers different kinds of women’s medium control shapewear to go along with your wardrobe and help you look flawless and stunning in anything you wear.

From traditional dress or Cocktail gown, we have got just the right body shaper for your every look. If you want to wear a salwar kameez, you can opt for Dermawear Shapewear’s full body shapewear like the Body Corset that comes with medium compression or medium control level that favors better mobility than high-control products. The smooth and non-allergic fabric additionally adds to the comfort level of our shapewear products.

On the other hand, if you want to wear a traditional style dress like a lehenga or a saree, that displays your waist partly, you should get Dermawear’s Tummy Tucker shapewear like SS Low Waist. This shapewear for tummy will hide your bulges in the sides and lower abdomen areas while giving you a smooth curve to help you flaunt the figure you've always dreamt of! Besides, with medium compression, you can freely move around in your dress and wear it for a considerably long amount of time (as per your comfort-levels).